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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire


The fire of rebellion is simmering to heights and if something is not done before the things spiral out of control, a huge price will be paid by someone! The gorgeous, the eye-pleasing camouflaging of femininity and masculinity, the girl with an adventurous streak,  Katniss Everdeen is back to the place, she loves the most- home sweet home. She is the proud victor of the last organized hunger games and she deserves every bit of adulation coming her way. Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire online to see a jubilant atmosphere gradually taking the shape of a volatile situation that threatens to shove an entire town into jaws of chaos.



Watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire online








Speaking about the oh-so-attractive Katniss, there's a sheen to her eyes and a spring in her strides, but her enthusiasm will receive a body blow from an unforeseen catastrophe. In the meantime, she is prepared for a victory lap throughout her homeland. And why shouldn't' crackers of joy burst her in her heart; after all such great moments come once in a lifetime. Her partner in this festival of happiness is Peeta Mellark, without whom she couldn't have scaled the zenith of success in a one of its kind contest.


The time stops for blissful Katniss over the victory lap. At first sight all appears hunky-dory, but from the corners of her dilated eyes, she could feel that something is not right in the background. A little fire of dissatisfaction, enmity and rebellion seems to be heating up towards taking the shape of a lava oozing volcano, threatening to melt the prevailing peace into nothingness. Despite the looming anger, the presence of President Snow is keeping things well under control. But how long can repressed feelings be prevented from bursting through the floodgates? Watch The Hunger Games online to see that turning a blind eyes to what's obvious can be crucial to the outcome of one's fate.


The suspense around what events are about to take birth from the womb of time builds up little by little. The unflustered President Snow takes charge of fine details for making sure that nothing goes wrong in the upcoming hunger games. A carefree ignorance of possible mishap about to thud against the peace gives off a sensation of amusing surprise. Someone out there may have to pay a huge price for this stark unconcern of indications given by the wheel of time.